My voice can be direct, comforting, friendly, relatable, compassionate, funny, authoritative or informed.


I can read your book aloud or read it with dramatic interpretation.

Video Games

Need a Russian space marine? A German scientist? A creepy redneck?

What's your story?

I grew up writing stories, poems, ideas. Then I started recording comedy skits in middle school. In high school, I was in speech, debate, theatre. By college, I majored in creative writing and had no fear of public speaking. I later went to film school and majored in editing.

I then taught multimedia and game design. After teaching I went to work at AOL, interviewing the founder of Unity3d, T-Pain, Seth Green and more.

I've produced podcasts and performed magic and comedy for nearly a decade.

Now you can put my voice to work telling YOUR story. I'm currently a public radio host, and my voice is approachable, malleable and friendly. No job is too small! You can hear my reporting for WUOT here.


(Please leave a message, I may be in the studio when you call)

(865) 223-1401