I'm an English major with an emphasis in creative writing, and two years of undergraduate training in journalism. My career includes stints writing for TV and film, writing how-to's and guides, creating educational content for accredited multimedia and game design programs, then years of writing and editing blogs for AOL on technology and news.

After AOL, I wrote a number of content marketing pieces, and continue to write content for websites and articles for tech companies on topics from working remotely to blockchain. My background gives me deep knowledge in the tech sector, as I started using computers in the early 1980's when I was still in elementary school. I've written programs in BASIC and Objective-C, and can translate YOUR code into documentation. Today, more than ever, users need valuable guides for complex software.

But that's not all! My background in multimedia production includes writing audio content for public radio, news segments, and even entertaining product reviews. The term "jack of all trades" might be a bit broad for anyone in this multi-disciplinary world we live in, but I learn quickly and do have experience with a broad range of topics. While at AOL I managed sites that wrote about tech, cars, and even the do-it-yourself category. I've also crafted a number of social media campaigns that resulted in an increase in followers and engagement for a variety of brands. Put my brain to use on YOUR next project and I assure you it will pay dividends. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to consider me for your next project.

Live sample of a content marketing piece from YouEarnedIt here.

Live sample of a retro book review from The Unofficial Apple Weblog here.

Live sample of a news piece from public radio reporting here.


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